How To Choose The Right Kind Of Blouse For Your Saree? The Perfect Guide Awaits Here!

Sarees are an ultimate necessity which accentuates the glamour of the beholder. Sarees tease the deepest strings of our heart and flush a plethora of emotions in both the beholder and the onlookers. With the art of creating styles and excavating the newest trends in the fashion industry, blouses have turned out to play an important role. In the ancient years, blouses were designed by following the regular trends and not much modification could be seen. However, recently, blouses are available in a wide range of fascinating designs which are undergoing changes on a daily basis. The fancy designs can be either stitched from the blouse pieces attached to the sarees or can also be bought from a wide range of options available at Fynd, Flipkart, Limeroad, Craftsvilla and many more. Matching the perfect ready-made blouse, with the latest sarees, is however not as easy as it seems. So, here is a quick guide to choosing the perfect blouse for the perfect saree you are yet to match it with and flaunt like a diva in town!


Trick To Match Your Blouses With Cotton Sarees


Yes. Materials play a very important role in framing the style statement for any attire. Where the design of the sarees happens to be the first thing that catches our eyes, blouses are not far behind in the scene. An extraordinary blouse can amp up the hotness quotient of even an ordinary saree. For a cotton saree, women usually prefer the traditional designs of blouses. However, if you are willing to step away from the regular look, try pairing them with sleeveless blouses to increase the hotness quotient of the party. If the purpose is traditional, adore a three-quarter blouse with a boat neck design to add a chick yet fancy look to your attire. Only choose a collar neck blouse if the saree is simple and plain. This will add an extra glam to the entire look, more so when matched with a contrasting neckpiece.


Add A Tinge Of Sophistication To The Heavy Silk Sarees


Pairing up blouses with silk sarees is never a hefty task, as the exquisite look and finesse of the material itself,is classy and elegant. Mostly, silk sarees look the best in simple blouses. However, you might also add a little glamour with window-back designs. The new trend of stitching the sleeves a little above the elbow is also embraced by many women. Besides, high-neck silk blouses carrying a tinge of the saree’s print is also a thing of modern trend. Talking about the color and the shades, silk blouses often shine when contrasted with the color of the saree.


Party Wear Or Classic Getaway, There’s Something For Everyone!


Both the party wear and the plain sarees are in demand of something different from each other. Party wear sarees adorned with heavy embroidery requires a simple blouse which allows the work to reflect well. Such blouses are usually matched with the color of the ‘paar’ or the border of the saree. Mostly, the shade of gold,with a fine work of golden or silver zari work, is used for the purpose. This not only soothes the heavy look but also merges beautifully with the shiny accessories as well.


A plain saree can, however, be matched with a blouse that has heavy work in it. It can be anything from printed fancy blouses to hand-woven thread worked blouses or the ones stitched with heavy beads and embroidery. Such blouses can be beautifully contrasted with the simple sarees and undoubtedly adds a chic fashion statement to the beholder alike.