Cloud Computing Packages. Having files rooms in the business place has become redundant. In the past business used to set aside a place for keeping paper files and data. The advancement in technology brought about paperless storage of files and data in computer hard disk, flash drives and cards. Hard disks and memory cards storage is prone to the following problems. If a hard disk was damaged or lost the stored data would be lost with it. Computers has the risk of getting a virus which may result in data and files damage. Hard disks may be so bulky to transport frequently. Memory cards and flash disks are small enough to carry around. A person is most likely to misplace them making retrieving of information difficult.
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To overcome this challenges they have growth of cloud computing services. Cloud services providers offers the following services to its clients. Storage and back up of business data and files. Cloud services companies also assist companies to retrieve data in case of loss of data in the company’s primary location. Departments uploaded their data to the cloud where it can be accessed by other departments. Resulting in work efficiency as uploading of a given file or data is only done once.
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The servers of cloud services providers also host websites. This involves making the business website visible on the internet. Hosting may be bundled with email branding service. Encryption of data is another function performed by cloud computing companies. Cloud services also keep data safe from unauthorized access. Most computer hard disks, flash disks or memory card do not have restricted access. This may pose a problem especially if classified company information is leaked out. Different cloud computing agencies will have different service offers.. The prices of different cloud services packages is determined by their features for example the maximum storage space available. By hiring a cloud computing company the clients are able to enjoy. Having instant access to company’s data irrespective of the location. Cloud services makes transfer of business information simple. Business are always replacing old computers with new ones. The new computers will need installation of the company resources. With cloud computing the computers will be automatically updated. The cloud storage services tend to add more value to the business. Hard disks, ,memory cards and flash disks used to cost business a lot of its finance. Also, they offer a single data location unlike hard disks or flash drives which are limited in space creating a need to store data on several devices. This makes retrieval of data very easy, and multiple people can download data simultaneously. Business owners understand that in today’s information age data is a major contributor to the business success. Making it essential for the business to protect where it stores its data from unauthorized access.