When a teacher decides to take their students on a class trip, they will need to be aware of where each person is at any given time during the excursion. One way to help with this task is by having students wear matching shirts. This will usually excite the students as they will feel as if they are part of the group, allowing them to show off their school spirit to others in the process. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing shirts for a class trip.

Consider Having Students Help With The Design

It may be beneficial in having the students in the class come up with a logo or artwork to incorporate onto the shirts to be worn for the trip. This can be done by holding a contest where the students draw their desired design. The students can then vote on which one they like best. Adding a class name or a slogan can also be a fun activity that gets the students involved in the process of selecting the perfect apparel to be worn.

Pick Out The Right Type Of Printing

Many people enjoy the appearance of screen printing on t-shirt material. This will allow the incorporation of crisp, clear coloring. The shirts will be easy to read and photographs or elaborate artwork can be added to the design work if desired. The finished product will be one that all students will be proud to show off to others.

Order The Shirts For The Big Day

When an order is placed online, there will be a need to send in a file with the desired design to be placed on the shirts. The size of a design, the area where it should be placed on the shirts, and the colors to be used will need to be selected during the ordering process. The shirts can be ordered in bulk, in a variety of shirt sizes if desired. When the shirts are done being processed by the company, they will be shipped to the provided address. Most orders will take a few weeks from start to finish, so it is a good idea to start the design work as soon as the trip is planned to ensure delivery before the event.