Changing Your Dog’s Hairstyle with the Season

Do you want your pet dog to have a fashionable hair style? Below are some interesting hairstyles for your dog’s fall makeover.

The more important thing is to give your dog a healthy coat before planning on the more aesthetic features for your pet dog. And this can be done by caring for their hairstyle. And to have a health hair, you should regularly shampoo, condition, comb their hairs and be sure to also feed your dog the right kinds of food. A dog’s coat will really be healthy if you regularly do these things.

There are different types of hairstyles that you can let your dog have.

If you want that I-don’t-care-about-anything look, then the best hairstyle for your dog is a mussed hairstyle. Get a little gel and work it around the dog’s head to achieve this particular style. You need to be reminded that the gel is just for the dog’s head and not the body if you still want him to look really decent still.

The comb over hairstyle is similar to what men who are losing their hairs do to cover up the spot. Dog’s today can copy this hairstyle for good effect. This is ideal for dogs with narrow faces. Use this type of hairstyle in conjunction with a full cut.

The celebrity style is just that. You copy the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity and add your own style to it. If you are somehow artistic, you can do it. If you can manage to copy the hairstyle of your favorite star then yes, you dog will be the celebrity dog that he is.

If the Mohawk is a punk style for men, then the fauxhawk is a softer version for your dog. You can do this using a little get and comb.

When you are standing up on the beach looking across the waves, your hair is swept by the wind, and this is called the windswept hairstyle. This is for emo-loving teens and their dogs. You can just use a blow dryer to achieve this hairstyle which would definitely be a crowd drawer.

You can change your dog’s hairstyle as the season changes. If you want your dog to be the talk of the dog park then you should definitely do this. Your dog deserves a full makeover. Make sure that you just done give them a hair makeover, but you should also take care of their teeth, bring them to the vet for health check up and make sure that their dog flea medicines are up to date.

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