Significant Features of Environmental Lawn Care Services The effects of climate change have forced most businesses to consider implementing drastic changes in their business goals, and one such business is in the lawn care services, in which service providers on this are channeling their procedures into an environment-friendly measures. One of the basic goals of environment-friendly lawn care service providers is to introduce an organic treatment and care program for producing green and healthy grass. Even in their lawn maintenance procedures, such as power seeding, lawn aeration, soil enrichment, pH balance adjustment on the soil using sulfur or lime, mole repellents using castor bean products, organic fertilizers, broad leaf and pre-emergent weed control, and control of surface feeding insects, they use environment-friendly products. The effect of using organic fertilizers results into these healthful benefits: increases the health of the soil by building organic matter within the soil, stimulates natural soil life, strengthens the natural defense system of plants, organic fertilizers are safe for family and pets, improves growth of grass roots, and lowers drought stress.
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All these environment-friendly practices can be provided to you, as long as you know which lawn care service provider is most effective in their guaranteed service offerings; therefore, it is important to choose the right service provider. The bulk of responsibility in choosing the right lawn care service providers lies a lot on you, as customer; therefore, it is important that you be clear about results when the company presents to you their long-term lawn care program.
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Since the service company will be applying organic fertilizers, inquire if the effect of the soil enrichment coming from the organic fertilizer will produce healthy root growth, instead of leaf growth, of which the best guarantee is to request if the company can arrange for ocular inspections of their previous customer’s lawn condition, especially if you own a large acre of lawn space. It is naturally obvious that there is no such thing as a 100% weed-free lawn, so be careful with service companies that guarantee you on this. A huge concern in the health of your lawn is the invasion of pests, so be alert on what a service company offers with regards to pest control, such that their materials should be only organic or natural and non-synthetic treatments. If the company is not clear about the organic ingredients they use in the fertilizers or no idea about which grass is right for your area, or even the right pH for your soil, then that company is not for you, better look for another one who can provide the right answers.