Remodeling a bathroom is not a challenging task like most of us think. You only need to have a good plan, right tools and willpower to succeed. However, you have to be careful because any wrong move made can be costly. Here are a few tips you might want to consider.

Have a Plan

Contact a designer or architect to help you come up with a good plan. A designer or architect might be costly, but it is worth it. A plan will ensure that the design, budget and timeline of the project are realistic. It will also guide you throughout the remodeling process so that you don’t make expensive errors.

Get Everything You Need

Items such as vanity tops and tiles can take the time to arrive, so you need to be patient. In the meantime, make sure other items such as plumbing fixtures, new lighting, tub, toilet bowl and bathroom shutters are ready. These items are available in-home equipment stores near you. You can also purchase them from Amazon or eBay.

Begin with Lighting

One of the most critical areas in a bathroom is the lighting. Buy window shutters that can allow in considerable amounts of natural light. For incredible ideas, look here. You should also have a mirror mounted on the wall about your eye level. Install wall-mount lights at both sides of the mirror. This arrangement is perfect because the lights illuminate your face from both sides and remove shadows when you are in front of the mirror.

Give the Bathtub a Fresh Look

The bathtub is the focal point of the bathroom. It has a huge impact on the bathroom’s decorating style and overall look. If you have a freestanding bathtub, place it on a white pedestal base or claw-and-ball feet. To maximize your relaxation time, opt for a soaking bathtub made of waterproof materials such as limestone and marble. The sides of the tub may be paneled in wood or covered with glowing stones to match the entire body work.

Update the Toilet

Buy a new toilet seat and lid instead of replacing the porcelain perch. Just using a new seat and lid can give your bathroom a fresh look. It also saves you a lot of money you could have spent hiring a plumber to install a new unit.

Go Green

You can go green in your bathroom. Buy green products and have a green design. Green products function better and do not contain chemicals. They also lower your utility expenses, including water and electricity bills. There are several green bathroom products out there, ranging from filters to towels, shower curtains and cleaning kits.

Use Open Shelves

Open shelves create an illusion of space in small bathrooms. Create a shelf with a few drawers and enclosed baskets for an extra storage space. You can store items such as towels, pretty soaps and other decors you might need in the bathroom.

It is possible to give your bathroom a new look without spending a lot of money. The items discussed above do not necessarily require a plumber to implement. You can perfectly do them yourself.


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