Eidee in all the Muslim cultures is the money given to the children which are considered most precious among all the gifts. Most of the children prefer this gift more as compared to different toys and eatables. But the fact is, you have lot more options to consider now, in which giving Eid gift bags is the most popular one. This is the new trend evolved which looks inspirational and the motivational one. Here is an importance of presenting such Eid bags filled with various sweet items.

Why should you prefer giving Eid bags instead of money/Eidee?

Receiving Eidee from our elders is a unique charm and brings a smile on the face. But still, I think this trend should be simply replaced with sending Eid bags to our kids. The reason is, we need to become little more practical more. Giving Eidee on Eid is simply a waste of your hard earned money and not as beneficial as we think. Because children might get different unhealthy food items which are harmful to their health. And sometimes they buy very unnecessary things which are expensive and may prove dangerous for their health and life too. For example, my youngest nephew bought an artificial gun with bullets. It was irritating and harmful for himself as well as for others too.

What should be added to these Eid bag for young children??

Most of the times we see our Eid gift bags are filled with multiple food items which are favorite for all young children. Some most popular items to add to such gift bags are chocolates, sweets, cookies, and different delicious eatables. Other than food items, we can choose toys, puzzles, small tablet, cartoons, stickers, Eid cards, balloons and different amazing things which could be given as memorable items.

Eid gifts should not become a competition:

All the Eid gifts must not become some competition amongst the children and the parents. God does not like an extravagance. Therefore, it’s most important to consider sending the items which are not much expensive for the kids. Try giving same gift bags to all the children of the family, so that they do not consider it my brother or sister has much better items than mine. You should prefer equality always in any condition.

In the end, I must say that do not forget the needy and deserving on this blessed occasion. As Allah said;


“And give to the kindred his due and to the Miskeen ( the poor who beg) and to the wayfarer. But spend not wastefully (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift. Verily spendthrifts are brothers of the devils, and the Devil (Satan) is ever ungrateful to his Lord.” (Quran, 17:26, 27)

You must be thinking that it’s too early to get your Eid presents for all the children. No problem. You can try to start saving money and can buy something amazing to please the hearts of little ones.

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